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A body Geometry Pro 3D Video Fit Session with a Certified Fit Specialist is the best

way to help any rider go faster, longer and ride in greater comfort with less risk of

injury. Using a proprietary system developed by Specialized and some of the world's

top sports physicians, our factory-certified BG FIT Specialists will bring a world of

comfort and performance to your ride that you never thought possible. In order to

increase the accuracy and repeatability of the BG FIT process, the fit experts at

Specialized and Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D, PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine

developed BG FIT DATA. It's a proprietary motion-capture software and fit assessment

process. DATA allows our BG FIT specialists to capture any rider's pedaling motion on

video, perform a quantitative assessment and make changes that will optimize the

rider's position.

Coming Soon!

We are currently going through training and certifications for our

fit center. Basic fits will still be available.

Basic fit - $35. Our basic fit includes seat height adjustment, reach

and stem length, saddle position and cleat position. Basic fits are included

with the purchase of any new bike.